I personally was gaining weight for no apparent reason (must be an age thing lol ) so as you do after xmas I joined a circuit training course, this was Jan 2016, Im not knocking circuit training but it was really not for me, I only lasted 3 weeks, I went back to the Rock & Roll club chatting with Todd (Who owned a Gym) and my Steve, telling them i need to lose weight but not doing CT, at the time we were watching the ladies and a few chaps strolling, which I have been teaching in the clubs for over 10 years anyway.
Todd pointed to the dance floor and said, there's your fitness class right under your nose, you're teaching it anyway, my Steve replied, yes and you can call it Strollercise, we all laughed, but I did start my own class 2 months later in the March, put a few videos up, got bombarded with comments and messages and ended up doing 9 classes a week.
Almost 2 and half years later im still doing 9 classes a week, with 100s of people wanting to join in. I had been thinking about Franchising for a year, but in May 2018 after seeing the business model work, I did franchise via a company, my 1st 2 ladies joined me  on the 16th June, and started their 1st class of many on Wed 27th June, pulling in 24 people and are doing amazing.
No 2 Franchise came in and created her group. This had 50 members in 48 hours.
This really is an amazing opportunity with no competition for the right person. Average class is 25 people men and women, but I have had and do get 40-55 to a class.
We are a pay-as-you-go, with no experience needed as you can learn as you go. We also have a tutorial DVD just released September 2018. Ideal for beginners and instructors, with 13 strolls to learn step-by-step.
Because of the era of music, we have a lot of  social events, we perform in town centres, school fetes and classic car shows, this boosts our numbers again.