Strollercise (1)

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Welcome to Strollercise

Strollercise is a Dance/ Fitness programme created by Samantha Williams back in March 2016.

Although a couple of the strolls have been around on the Rock & Roll scene, many new ones have been added and choreographed by Sam.

Sam has been around the world of the 50s and Rock and Roll for over 35 years Jiving and strolling.

Strollercise got its name from the girlies strolling in R&R clubs and because we do 6,000-7,000 steps in our hour class it became a form of exercise, hence Strollercise.

Because you need to learn steps this programme is very good for the brain and can lower the risk of Dementia plus has the added benefit of an enjoyable way to burn calories.

Our classes are 1 hour long, aged 14 and upwards - our oldest lady is 82, our 6k steps equals 3 miles.